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Diploma In Anesthesia And Critical Care Technician

About the Critical Care Technician Course

Anesthesia is an important part of various medical procedures and involves a unique array of skills. Specialists trained in this field play a vital role in the administration of the necessary amounts of anesthesia using the correct procedure. GeedyStar College strategically designed curriculum with an enriching practical exposure aims at training these healthcare professionals in crucial care procedures and thereby prepares them for their real time practice.

Students receive hands-on experience at Uniosun Teaching Hospital, a leading teaching hospital for undergraduate as well as postgraduate medical education and advanced training of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals. Uniosun Teaching Hospital has been recognized as one of the best in the country and consistently ranked among the Top Medical Colleges in Nigeria. It is fully equipped with advanced, world-class diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and supported by a highly qualified and dedicated faculty.

Choosing a career as anesthesia and critical care technician is quite beneficial for those who wish to join the allied health care industry. These technicians are the most commonly required healthcare professionals because of their life saving skills and the key role that they play during the surgery in the operation theatre. Students are trained to assist anesthesiologists in various modalities of patient care in the operating room as well in the intensive care unit (ICU). Multidisciplinary trauma management is part of their training.

The course provides students an in-depth knowledge of the use of anesthesia in various fields of medicine. It also teaches them the requisite skills to deal with patients and to assist the anesthetist during all types of anesthesia procedures in the operation theatre. In the first year of their studies, students learn about ethical issues in medical practice, basic human sciences, essentials of clinical medicine, knowledge about anesthetic equipment, reporting and record maintenance, followed by basics of anesthesiology, ICU Management, CPR & Trauma Life Support, regional anesthesia and anesthesia for surgical specialties in the second year.


  • Acquiring skills for pre-anesthesia evaluation
  • Monitoring vital parameters during and after the surgery
  • Maintenance of anesthetic equipment and being responsible for the safe use of all the anesthetic drugs that are kept in the OT and critical care areas
  • Perform CPR in an emergency situation



Career prospects are immense as these professionals are very crucial components of the healthcare industry. Anesthesia and critical care expert works alongside doctors and medical experts during patient care ensuring pain free surgical procedures.

Diploma holders can work as anesthesia, clinical or operation theatre assistants and may seek employment opportunities in government and private hospitals / clinics / nursing homes / emergency trauma centers etc.

How Do I Get Started ?

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