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Our focus is at the critical intersection of education, research and practice, having positive impact in the lives of populations in Nigeria and across the globe.

At the GeedyStar College of Health Technology, we are educating future public health leaders to analyze and act upon issues that face our most vulnerable populations—including disorders of aging and chronic health conditions, maternal and child health and infectious disease outbreaks. Our professionals are working on the front lines of the most important public health crises zones of our time, from reproductive health advocacy to the overdose crisis.

Our experts educate students to become public health professionals equipped with the skills needed for success in the field today.

Students participate in Public Health Education and research. Through partnerships, we foster innovation, collaboration and interdisciplinary exchange.

At GeedyStar, our concern is dedicated to critical areas such as pandemic preparedness, gerontology, environmental health, information disorders, and substance use, which are linked under one mission: TO ADVANCE WELL-BEING FOR ALL.